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Chapter End of Year Reports

New Mexico District End of Year Reports
Please send to us before January 31, 2012 so we can meet the Region deadline...;)))...thanks

Chapter Directors, usually with the help of their Chapter Treasurer, need to complete and submit the following reports:

Financial Report Cover Sheet

Financial Report (2 Pages)

Final bank statement that you are using to reconcile the financials

You or your treasurer can use the on-line statement print out if you can view your statements on-line

Bank Information and Signature Sheet

If there is a change on the account, otherwise, we have a copy in your file.

Equipment List

If you have no inventory then the sheet is still required with a line through it stating "none" and signed

This link will take you to a breakdown of the Financial Report Items

Copy of the filed and accepted 990n form

IRS form that is filled out on-line

Power point presentation located at